Examples of phishing

Examples of phishing

Do you want to know whether you have received a fraudulent phishing email or been infected with malicious software (also known as malware)? Examples of confirmed fraudulent and malware-infected emails can be viewed on the link below. (NB your computer will not be infected if you view these emails.)

The phishing emails in this gallery are sorted by bank - click on a bank's logo to see examples of confirmed phishing emails pretending to be from that bank. The most recent emails are listed at the top of each bank's section.

barclayscooperative bankHalifax logoHMRC
HSBC LOGOlloydsnationwidenatwest


If you have received any of the emails below then please delete them and do not respond to them or click on any links they contain. If you have already responded to any of these emails and/or provided the recruiting "company" with any banking or personal information, then please contact your bank immediately. 

If you wish us to provide you with further advice then you can contact us via the ‘Request Advice’ tab.