Coronation Street – Online Banking Security Advice Guide

In a storyline broadcast in February, conman Lewis secretly prints off Gail’s bank details from her computer before blackmailing her daughter-in-law, Kylie, into revealing Gail’s log-in and password. Lewis then uses this information to withdraw £40,000 from Gail’s account.

Yet Gail isn’t alone in failing to keep her online banking details safe. A Pay Your Way survey revealed that one in three people admit sharing online login details with someone else.

UK Payments warns of fake email

15 August 2012
We are aware that an email is circulating with the content below, the email is a scam.
The email was not sent by UK Payments or any of its associated companies. If you receive this email below or something similar please delete it and run a virus scan as soon as possible.  The scam email contains a link and an attachment and you should ignore both.

Example of fake email:

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